Classic Car Storage

When it comes to investment into Classic Cars you will find storage as something to identify. Classic cars can be valued at 7 figures and this means they need storing somewhere safely as they are not going to driven frequently.

Finding a storage provider can be problematic because of the trust element. Also the facility needs to secure and if possible hidden away.

Storing Classic and Vintage Cars

Storing classic and vintage cars in your own garage works for some, but in 2019 garages at homes are often use for everything other cars and as a result, finding a local vehicle storage supplier becomes a necessity.

Companies like Classic Motor Cars have storage solutions advertised as up to 24,000 sq ft with costs from £35.00 per week.

Classic Motor Cars
Companies like Concours Vehicle Solutions provide hidden smaller locations for example with costs from £99.00 per month.

Porsche 356 storage

Companies like Peter Vardy Heritage also offer packages from £25 per week.

Peter Vardy Heritage