Car finance in Birmingham

People who buy cars through finance in Birmingham have dramatically increased in the last few years. Figures from the finance and leasing association show that the value of loans used to make car purchases in the UK doubled between 2011 and 2016, while finance deals are currently used in around eight in every ten cars.
One of the key factors for this is car finance in Birmingham has been using record low interest rates in the UK since the start of this decade. The base rate was held at 0.5% from March 2009 until August 2016 in the UK, and then it was cut even further to 0.25%.
To take advantage of lower rates, a number of businesses have started providing their own forms of finance and credit. Car dealerships and major motor manufacturer are doing this now. If you can’t afford to buy a car outright, car finance can be an option; this allows you to spread the cost over a longer period. If you decide to go for car finance you will have to have a good credit score.
There are various types of car finance in Birmingham that is available such as leasing and hire purchase, motorists will make monthly payments over a certain length of time, at the end of the term they will own the car. Also available for car finance in Birmingham are PCP (personal Contract Purchase) PCP is very similar to hire purchase as the customer makes monthly payments over a certain length of time, but they will have to pay an initial deposit, then at the end of the contract the customer can opt to make a final balloon payment to buy the car outright, or they can choose to roll over to another PCP on a new vehicle.
Things to bear in mind when taking out car finance in Birmingham: there may be limits on the annual permitted mileage; if these are exceeded extra charges can be incurred. If the customer was to damage the car or not keep to agreed maintenance schedules they can also be charged for this.
Most people tend to change their cars every three to four years. Especially if they have a car on finance as the contract will usually be coming to an end by then. The most common terms for having car finance in Birmingham is 72 months, followed by 60 months and then the slightly lesser terms.
The main reason you would go for car finance in Birmingham is so you do not have to purchase a car outright, as long as you are disciplined and have the monthly amount to pay out every month car finance is a great way to fund a car you may not normally be able to afford.
There are plenty of places that do car finance in Birmingham, ask at your local dealership for more information on the various finance options that are available.

New Car



Classic Car Storage

When it comes to investment into Classic Cars you will find storage as something to identify. Classic cars can be valued at 7 figures and this means they need storing somewhere safely as they are not going to driven frequently.

Finding a storage provider can be problematic because of the trust element. Also the facility needs to secure and if possible hidden away.

Storing Classic and Vintage Cars

Storing classic and vintage cars in your own garage works for some, but in 2019 garages at homes are often use for everything other cars and as a result, finding a local vehicle storage supplier becomes a necessity.

Companies like Classic Motor Cars have storage solutions advertised as up to 24,000 sq ft with costs from £35.00 per week.

Classic Motor Cars
Companies like Concours Vehicle Solutions provide hidden smaller locations for example with costs from £99.00 per month.

Porsche 356 storage

Companies like Peter Vardy Heritage also offer packages from £25 per week.

Peter Vardy Heritage

Lamborghini Huracán Hire

When you’re wondering how you can travel in style, there is one obvious answer, Lamborghini Huracán hire.  This supercar is not only breath-taking in terms of speed but the design also. Its powerful V10 engine and LDF 7-speed dual clutch transmission along with is aerodynamic control allows for maximum performance and a one of a kind driving experience that is unforgettable.


A Lamborghini Huracán hire allows you to achieve 0 to 62 mph in 3.1 seconds and a maximum speed of 201mph. Its electronic heated and foldable external mirrors add a sense of luxury along with its opening roof. For more statistics, the supercar can achieve 0 to 124 mph in 9.3 seconds and 62 to 0 mph when braking in 31.5m. Its maximum power sits at 640 HP at 8000 rpm and maximum torque at 600 at 6500 rpm.



With an unmistakable design, the Lamborghini Huracán is manufactured using Forged Composites® and Lamborghini Active Aerodynamics (ALA) technology, which allows it to achieve the highest level of performance. Its hexagonal form fits in seamlessly with its lowered roof profile and its full-LED lighting systems ensure the car stays one of a kind, even in the dark, making it the perfect car to hire.

The patented Lamborghini ALA system brings a new kind of intelligence to the supercar. The technology manages aerodynamics, decreasing its aerodynamic resistance to allow easier acceleration and increasing the vertical load when travelling around curves. The ALA system adapts not only to the type of route you choose but your driving style, therefore providing you with a tailored driving experience that allows maximum enjoyment.

Internal Design

With its Italian roots at heart, a Lamborghini Huracán hire allows you to enjoy its beauty not only from the outside but the inside too. The impeccable design of the interior reinforces the elegance of the car and with Adaptive Network Intelligence Management or ANIMA, the driver can choose their driving mode and therefore satisfy their need for speed in this prepossessing supercar.


Lamborghini Huracán hire allows for speed and safety to be combined. With driver, passenger and side airbags and passive safety such as front and rear collapsible areas, the Lamborghini Huracán ensures in the unfortunate event of a collision, you are protected. The Huracán also incorporates active safety which is running when the car is turned on. The active safety includes electronic stability control as well as integrated TCS and ABS, to increase the control you have when travelling at top speeds.