Neutering your pet is advised by most vets, this is advised to help your pet live a happy and stress-free life. It can stop unwanted pregnancies, tumours and uterus infections.


 Dog and puppy neutering

Puppy neutering and spaying is recommended at an early age for small dogs and slightly later for larger breeds. Depending on the size of your dog the full procedure takes up to two hours, during this time the uterus and ovaries in a female dog will be removed. In a male dog, the procedure takes slightly less time, approximately half an hour and would involve removing both of his testicles.

A dog will usually be allowed home on the same day, they would be sent home with some pain relief and should usually feel back to normal within a week or so.


Cat and Kitten Neutering

Cats can start having their kittens as young as 6 months old, cats mature sexually at a very young age. Neutering your kitten can stop them from contracting various diseases such as FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) this can be transmitted through pregnant cats to their kittens and through biting.

Just like a dog, your cat will be allowed home the same day, with pain relief and within a week to ten days they should be feeling 100%.

The neutering procedure must always be carried out by a reputable veterinary surgeon, who will look after your pet during and after the operation is carried out. A good vet will always insist on a follow-up appointment to make sure things are as they should be and have healed well.